Swede Scratches Jackpot Win Twice In 3 Days!

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Rolant was happy enough with his first win. He got to appear on TV with a chance to win 5 Million Krona – and was guaranteed at least 100,000 Krona.

But when he won the same prize again just 3 days later, he really couldn’t believe his eyes.

Out of the two million ‘Triss’ scratch-off tickets printed, there were only 5 top prizes of the TV draw. And Rolant had just won 2 of them, both within 3 days.

Rolant Christensen is from the South of Sweden, a town called Högsby. He had gone out to send off his first winning ticket to the lottery company for verification, and whilst out had bought the second ticket.

The lottery company, Svenska Spel, were astounded to hear from Rolant again so soon. Nobody had ever managed two wins in such a small space of time:

We had just registered his first win and booked him in to appear on TV when he called us back and said it had happened again.

Rolant will appear on Sweden’s TV4 at the end of this month to see if he can hit the big prize of 5 Million Krona. And will now get TWO chances at once – a first for the Swedish lottery.

So what does Rolant plan to do with the money? He really doesn’t know yet, and says he is actually happy enough to walk away with just 100,000 Krona – even though he is now guaranteed at least twice that, and potentially 100 times as much.

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