Syndicate Leader’s ‘Feeling’ Leads To Lotto Win

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Nicky Morse says he has these urges which often leads him to win.  When he his friends were in Exeter airport on the way to Amsterdam, he suddenly had an urge to buy Euromillions tickets.

At the time Morse was with a group of marathon runners who call themselves Mount’s Bay Harriers.  They were off to a weekend of running in Amsterdam.  It may be because they know of his winning urges or because they were good friends that they were convinced to purchase 13 Euromillions tickets.  But because they were runners, they forgot about the purchase afterwards and spent the weekend running.

When they got back they checked the tickets and finding no match threw them jokingly at Morse saying “You and your ‘feelings’.”  But they forgot to check the Millionaire Code, so it was Morse and his wife who discovered they were indeed winners.  It took some convincing before the rest of the group will believe their good fortune; Morse had to call a meeting to show them the ticket!

TIP: Online syndicates DO play the bonus Millionaire Raffle games too. So even if your group misses the jackpot, you still have multiple chances of sharing a million as a backup! Check out the EuroMillions syndicates here.

Each member of the group gets to take home £76,923.  All are now busy planning home improvements, trips and other ways to enjoy their shares of the windfall.   They have self-employed painter and decorator Nicky Morse to thank for it.


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