Teen Lottery Winner Scoops UK Jackpot

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It must be every generation Y teenagers dream, to start life out by just casually winning the lottery.

The rest of us know that life just doesn’t come that easy.

But it has for Eloise Hutchinson who has just been revealed as one of the three UK Lotto winners from the draw held on New Years Eve. The other winners have come forward but decided to remain anonymous.

Eloise is just 19, but says her new bank balance of £1,346,840 will not change her plans. She will continue to work the two jobs she currently has.

Whilst building up her own mobile beauty therapy business, Eloise also works part-time in a Co-Op store. The very store where she also bought her winning ticket.

The trappings of wealth certainly haven’t impacted her life just yet. She admits to having been out on a shopping spree, but only bought a few clothing items and an ipad.

She does plan to replace her aging 12 year old Ford Fiesta, but not with anything fancy – she quite likes the look of the new Fiesta.

And her old car won’t go to waste. Although her sister pleaded for a shiny new Range Rover, the offer is there for the old Fiesta.

Boyfriend, David Heard, said the win could not have gone to a nicer person than Eloise.

Eloise winnings numbers were 7, 11, 37, 38, 42 and 44, which were chosen by using a lucky dip entry.

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