The Corby Bus Drivers Syndicate Who Won EuroMillions: What Happened Next

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The syndicate of 12 bus drivers from Corby scooped a £38 Million jackpot when the won EuroMillions in March last year.

It turned them all into multi-millionaires overnight, and they reportedly all instantly quit their jobs and went off to live the high life.

Well, almost a year on, it’s nice to see the media peddled perception that ‘all lottery winners go broke’ is far from true.

In fact, this Corby dozen all seem pretty happy with their new lives. And are far from broke too.

Turns out none of the other rumours (or made up stories…) were true either. None of the drivers quit in the middle of a shift and abondoned their bus in the middle of the street. Neither did any of them die that same day.

In fact, life goes on pretty much as before, just without any money worries. It doesn’t necessarily stop you shopping in Poundland either as Alexander Robertson will confirm.


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