The Lucky Lotto Store & The Doughnut Shop Bonus

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After selling two big winners in 3 months, “Sunny’s Quick Stop” in Gaffney had already earned itself the local name of ‘The Lucky Store’.

Well now the store is also known for the doughnuts you can buy next door.

As some of you may know, retailers get paid a bonus if their store sells a winning ticket.

So Sunny, the owner, took his bonuses and used them to help his son start up a doughnut shop. Right next door to the family’s quick stop store.

But Sunny is no stranger to the world of doughnuts, he has 17 years of experience selling doughnuts in California that he can pass on to his son.

And in tribute to his generous help in getting the shop going, Sunny’s son has called the new shop none other than “Sunny’s Doughnuts”.


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