Man Finds $250,000 Winning Ticket in Drawer

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It’s amazing what you can turn up in your sock drawer, eh?

In Baltimore, USA whilst taking a break from watching the NFL playoffs, a man came across some old lottery tickets lying in a dresser drawer.

He figured they were probably expired, but took them to the corner store just to check anyway.

Putting them through the scanner at the store he was encouraged to find one was a $2 winner. Wahay, not expired after all.

It was when he scanned another one and the machine told him to contact Lottery HQ that things got a bit more exciting.

Missing the Mega Millions jackpot by just one number, he was still happy to claim a 2nd tier prize of $250,000.

The unnamed winner will sensibly bank some of the winnings and share some with his lucky 16 year old daughter.

My advice: you don’t win if nobody checks your tickets! If you play in a syndicate, somebody else checks them for you, but if you buy your own tickets – please get into the habit of checking them every week 🙂

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