Man Wins Two Lottery Jackpots In Six Months

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Most of us would be happy enough with one jackpot in a lifetime, so long as it happened while we were still young enough to have some fun with it.

But Jody Massengale, 39, apparently wasn’t content with the $3 Million he won in November 2010.

Because he has just won another $10 Million.

Jody, of Panama City Beach, won both the prizes playing the Florida Lottery scratch off games.

His first win last year which was for $3 Million on a Monopoly scratch off game. Whilst his latest $10 Million win came from the Billion Dollar Blockbuster game.

Whilst collecting his second big payment from the Florida Lottery headquarters he said:

Winning the Lottery once was cool; but to win twice, that’s just awesome!

It’s not clear if Jody will continue to buy scratchers, but I’d be surprised if he could resist the temptation of splashing¬† out on a big stack of cards with some of his winnings. Say ‘hi’ if you spot him scratching feverishly at the Express Lane, in Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach where he bought his most recent big winner.

If you feel lucky, there are still 6 top prizes of $10 Million remaining on the Billion Dollar Blockbuster game. Good luck.

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