I’ll Come Visit When I Win The Lottery, Mum!

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It was a smart alec comment to a mother who hadn’t seen her son in a while.

She simply asked when her son, Johan Fourie, planned his next visit. His reply, “When I win the lottery”.

Of course, John didn’t realise that shortly after that phone call he’d be checking his lottery ticket to find he had just won $4 Million.

“I had no idea I would be calling her back later that day to tell her I was on my way!” he said Wednesday.

For 12 years, the 62-year-old Hollywood man had played the same numbers – 9, 10, 23, 37, 38 – religiously every week. His diligence finally paid off in a big way.


I’d imagine his mum will be getting a very nice bunch of flowers to go with this visit.

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