Woman Gets To Keep Her Life And Her Money!

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Diane Bishop CBC News

You’ve probably heard robbers in movies ask their victims to choose between their money and their life. Happily, a prayerful lottery player from Canada has just learned she gets to keep both!

Diane Bishop has late stage cancer and undergoing lots of treatments. It had gotten so she asked for and received material help as well as prayers from her community. But the power of prayer truly can’t be measured. She has just learned that her cancer is responding favorably to chemotherapy. And to top it off, she has just won a $1.5 million¬†Super Set For Life jackpot. She has won financial security and also been given a new lease on life. How’s that for answered prayers?

She says something just told her to buy a lottery ticket that day. So she did, from a Needs Convenience store she manages. That has given her the opportunity to give back. In this case she will donate the seller’s bonus to a center for cancer patients.

The biggest benefit from her lottery win is financial independence. That also allows her to give the thousands of dollars in assistance she received from the community to other cancer patients in need. She has her own funds now and is even relieved she’ll have something to leave her two grown children when she passes.

Read more in http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/diane-bishop-cancer-patient-lottery-win-1.4414119

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