I’ve Won $200,000 – Don’t Tell The Wife!

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It’s not uncommon for lottery winners to want their win kept confidential. But it’s no quite so common for the winner to ask that they don’t tell his wife!

The man from Greenwood, Columbia, had just won $200,000 on the South Carolina Education Lottery. By scratching the jackpot prize on a ‘$200,000 Cash’ instant scratch off ticket.

He said he was jumping up and down when he realised he had won – but only on the inside, as he had scratched the ticket whilst waiting at a red traffic light.

But he doesn’t plan on keeping the win from his wife forever though:

I’m going to tell her. I want to make sure it’s real first.

So he actually plans to surprise her by paying off all the bills.

There are 3 more big prizes of $200,000 still to be won with the ‘$200,000 Cash’ game. The ticket costs $10, and has odds of winning the jackpot prize of 1 in 411,428.

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