Young Dublin Man Wins €500,000 Lotto Prize

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An Irishman was watching his country’s Six Nations loss to Scotland last Saturday when he thought about checking his Euromillions ticket from a previous draw. While the man is expected to be disappointed with his side’s loss in the rugby match, he had some consolation from the National Lottery.

Upon checking his ticket through a phone app, the man was stunned by a message telling him to contact the National Lottery offices. It was then he checked each number and realized he had won big – €500,000 to be exact! He immediately got on the phone to hi wife who initially refused to believe him.

The young couple, who have so far remained anonymous, say they plan to take their time thinking of how they will use their newfound wealth. They want to be careful as they have a very young family, although they seem set to go on a vacation in the summer.

They bought the winning ticket from he Costcutter Store on All Saints Road in Raheny on the day it was drawn. It was a quick pick!


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