$250,000 Wedding Present For Baltimore Couple

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Newlyweds Hassan Manafikhalesi and Debby Opper got the wedding present of their dreams thanks to a shock lottery win.

The couple had only just married, and Debby had bought a Mega Millions ticket whilst on the way to midnight mass.

But an accident in her driveway where she slipped and banged her head made all thoughts of the ticket in her pocket disappear.

So it was only a week later that she rediscoverd the ticket and checked it to find their $250,000 wedding present from the lottery company.

Read more in http://www.baltimoresun.com/features/weddings/bride-blog/bal-owings-mills-couple-wins-the-lottery-of-love-and-a-real-lottery-too-20130107,0,172799.story

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