Man Waits 100 Days Before Claiming $86.7M Jackpot

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Most big money winners would immediately go to the lottery offices to claim their prize; some would wait a week or so to clear their heads before making a claim.  Carl Szott is not like most winners; he waited for a full 100 days before showing up at the lottery office to claim a $86.7 million Mega Millions jackpot he won in the May 20 draw.  It marked the first time the Penn Lottery has sold a Mega Million jackpot winner, and the prize is the fifth largest in the lottery’s history.

He was in a car and pulled over when he heard the winning numbers over the radio and realized it matched a quick pick ticket he bought from the  White Oak Gas & Grocery on Fawcett Ave.   He said a prayer then called his wife, but kept it from the rest of the world for all of 100 days.

Szott says he wants to keep living as he always did.  One change he cannot avoid is the lack of financial worries from here onwards.



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