28 Years Of Lottery Tickets Pays Out After 28 Years

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They say that it takes time to realize good returns on money invested; it doesn’t matter if it is stocks, bonds or money markets you invest in you need time to let your investment realize earnings.  But how many people can wait 28 long years for a return on investment that may or may not come?  A man from Victoria, BC invested in l0ttery tickets, for which there is no guaranteed return, for almost three decades before he managed to post a significant win; all $13.6 million of it!

Duarte Almeida was almost too stunned to speak when  he finally won the big one on the Aug. o2 draw.  Interestingly he used the same ‘lucky’ number combination which a plastic lottery number picking gadget spit out for him in 1986!

Almeida has not completely come to grips with his sudden fortune.  All he knows is that he wants a new pickup truck.

Read more in http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/lottery-jackpot-duarte-almeida-wins-13m-with-lucky-numbers-1.2751538

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