£35M Lottery Winner Spends Just £40 On Wedding

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There are volumes of stories about lottery winners who are so overwhelmed by their good fortune, they forget good sense and lose their money in a short period of time.  But it looks like Angela Kelly, who won £35million on the EuroMillions draw in 2007 will not be joining their ranks soon.  She just spent £40 to get married to long time partner Billy Quinn in Hawaii.

Talk about keeping her feet firmly on the ground!  At the wedding, which  they decided to do while on a pre-planned holiday, they had no guests, and the £40 was spent on wedding license.  Well, she wore a designer dress, but that was it.

They plan to have their honeymoon in Hawaii, where they also took the time to visit the set of the TV series Hawaii Five-O, Angela’s favorite show.

Now this is a winner, who has a firm grip on her finances.

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