$50 Million Lotto Max Winner To Give Away Most Of It

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In one sense Randall Rush is like every other lottery player; he had speculated what he would do if he ever won the lottery, but was overwhelmed when he finally did.  It was what he said after winning, which set him apart from most people; though giddy after a $50 million Lotto Max win, Rush said ” To whom much is given, much is required.”

Rush plans to use much of his winnings, which he views as a gift from God, to set up a trust fund with the interest going to benefit charities and humanitarian efforts worldwide.  He feels it is his responsibility to ensure the money benefits as many people as possible.

For himself he has already quit from work, and plans to buy a couple of fancy cars.  With hardly any family, he plans to help out friends, especially those who have helped him in the past.

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