Does Joan Ginther Have A System For Playing The Lottery?

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Most lottery players dream of winning the big one, so they purchase tickets regularly to get a chance every draw.  Given that most lottery players lose money, most players would be interested in finding out ways to increase the odds of winning.  And Joan Ginther Texas lottery winner from Bishop, Texas may have found a way to do that.

Ginther has a PhD in mathematics and people around her believe that she uses her knowledge to improve her winning chances.  After having won four multi-million jackpots between 1993 and 2010, she had many believing she has unraveled the secrets of playing the lottery.

Investigations by experts have not revealed exactly how she does it, but put forward a very likely explanation.  It is believed that her initial $5 million win was simply luck. Using her winnings she and a friend then bought thousands of tickets for certain games and in certain locations where she felt chances were better.  If the payout was big enough, if winning odds have improved by sales of tickets who don’t win, and buying scratch-offs from locations different from ones where winners have been sold earlier.  This resulted in three other wins from instant games worth another $15 million which required her to purchase tickets estimated at between $1.2  and $3 million.

Ginther does not give interviews on the subject so we still don’t know her exact approach of course. But it’s nice to know that the conspiracy theorists were wrong, and there was no cheating or unknown loophole involved.


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