Airing Of National Lottery’s Live Draw Ends Saturday

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The live broadcast of the National Lottery draws has been livening up our Saturday nights for the past 22 years!  Unbelievable how time flies when you’re having fun.  And for many of us, that means watching the draw in hopeful anticipation; and to be quite fair, a few of have actually won big jackpots.  While the lottery has made it easy for us to check draw results through mobile apps, there is still a distinct thrill to watching the lottery draw live on TV.  For those of us who are live lotto draw fans, dark clouds are looming on the horizon; the lottery has decided to stop airing draws live.  The plan is for the draw on Saturday to be the last one broadcast live on TV!

How could this happen?  Well it seems like those cute numbered balls have fallen from favor.  Like most things nowadays, lottery draws are going digital.  To hear it from Tim Copper of Camelot, they’re basically saying that going digital helps them provide results-checking content to players faster, and in multiple platforms.  But really, maybe this is just their way of saying there are just not enough viewers to justify continuing with the program.

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