Crazy Draw Pays 3 Matches More Than 4

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How would you feel if your ticket matched four numbers drawn in a lottery draw, yet you get to pocket a prize that is just 60% of that given to those with only three number matches?  Hard to believe as it is, that is exactly what happened in the National Lottery draw for Wednesday night’s draw – those with four matches won £15 , while those with only three matches won £25.  This prompted a round of criticism from many lottery players.

Camelot tried to explain that it pays tickets with 3 matches a fixed prize of £25, then divide up what remains in the prize pool to pay for those with more matches.  In Wednesday’s draw, all numbers were low, which meant people who used calendar dates were more likely to post matches.  This resulted in the prize for four matches to be divided up among more people, making the prize unusually small.

Still this is something Camelot would do well to find a permanent solution for.  After  all, keeping the players happy should be  high up on their list.


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