Alberta Couple Posts $60 Million Lotto Max Win

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Can you imagine the feeling when you thought you had won $60,000 dollars only to be proven wrong by the store clerk? That just happened to Robin Walker and husband Brett McCoy.

The two were at  the McLeod Trading Post in Peers on Sept. 23 to buy some chicken feed ad something for the children. While there, Robin checked their Lotto Max ticket drawn the previous day and excitedly called her husband over to check their $60,000 win. But the clerk told them to count the zeroes again, and they realized they had not won $60,000 after all –  it was for a full $60 million and they were floored.

The pair describe themselves as regular blue-collar Albertans – at least before the win. They both used to work in the  oilfields but Robin is a stay-at-home mum now.

They have yet to decide what to do with all that money, but expanding their hobby farm is being considered. The pair says they had everything even before the win. But with their huge windfall things are going to be a lot easier.


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