“Ocean’s 16” Powerball Winners’ Presscon [video]

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Sixteen working class people who have been playing the lottery for years manage to beat the odds to win a third of a huge Powerball jackpot.  You can imagine the smiles, jokes and happiness at the news conference announcing their win

It is a story of triumph, of happiness, and friendships.  Sixteen people who have been playing the lottery for a long time contributed $6 each to purchase 48 Powerball tickets, never really believing it would change their lives.  But now all of them are millionaires.

The workers from Ocean County Maintenance Garage showed up at the press conference announcing their win, all smiles.  Most of them want to keep their job, except one who wanted to retire anyway, even before they won.  Some will can now afford to rebuild homes damaged by storm Sandy.

The lucky workers have been dubbed “Ocean’s 16” and from all indications, the win may just have strengthened the bonds of friendship among them.

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