ASDA Workers Lottery Syndicate Win £6.8M

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A lottery syndicate of ASDA workers from Hyde in Greater Manchester have just collected £6,873,588.

They won the UK Lotto jackpot which had rolled over to last Saturday.

The group is made up of 16 supermarket workers all from the ASDA store in Hyde, who only started playing the lottery together in January last year.

Each member of the syndicate group will bank a tax free £429,599.

The leader of the syndicate, Debra Wilson, said they had previously had a few small wins and had managed to win about £300 this year so far.

Plans for the winnings encompass the usual collection of cars, holidays and new homes. But the win comes as particular good news for member Emma Allen, who said:

This money means I can carry on with the IVF and have unlimited treatments. It will give me the family I have dreamed of.

Service Manager, Angela Truter, 52, said the win would give her and her husband a second honeymoon – which they plan to take in Mauritius.

Their work colleagues and customers alike have all been extremely happy for the lucky ASDA 16. The store manager, Stuart Davey said:

We are all absolutely delighted. I hope none of them resign because they are wonderful colleagues.

Senior staff at the Hyde store already knew they had sold the winning ticket at the store itself. But it wasn’t until Monday morning that they discovered it was their own staff that had won the jackpot.

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