Atchison Family Takes Home $1 Million Lottery Prize

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Four people impulsively formed a lottery syndicate of sorts (what is a lottery syndicate?). Now they walk away with a million dollar Powerball second prize.

The group from Kansas does not want to be identified. They are composed of husband and wife plus two relatives. The relatives just asked to be included so the wife bought 7 plays on the ticket instead of the regular two. Fortunately one of those lines matched the numbers drawn with the exception of the Powerball.

It was the fourth line which won the big prize, a line they would not have if two of their relatives had not asked to join in.  They matched the first five numbers of the drawing but not the Powerball to win the large cash prize. After checking the results and discovering their win, the wife signed the back of the ticket and hid it in their safe. Then she made calls to inform the other two.

The winners say they are ordinary, hardworking people who never really expected to win this big. But now that they have, their plans include paying off student loans, buying a utility vehicle, investing, and ticking off items in their wish list.

Casey’s General Store 2812, located at 1629 Main St. in Atchison earned a $1,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.


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