Group of Nine Win $1 Million Powerball Prize

October 13th, 2014   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Another lottery playing syndicate has bagged a major prize.  This time it is the turn of nine Customer Services employees of APAC to claim a million dollar payout from the Powerball lottery.  Two men and seven women will share the prize they won by matching five numbers drawn in the Aug. 27 drawing of the Powerball lottery.

It was a pleasant surprise that gave way to planning what to do with their share of the fortune.  While a seventh porti0n of a million dollars does not make a life changing amount especially after taxes, it will still help ease finances in a big way.  Some will pay student loans, a woman about to be married appreciates the extra cash at the start of a new life, one will use his hare to buy a house, and a few will pay off debt.

For all nine, and their families, Christmas cheer has come a little earlier than usual.


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