Aussie Couple Used Last Money To Win $1 Million Lotto Prize

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An old Australian couple decided to gamble the last money they had and managed to come up winners in the Lotterywest draw.

Before the win the couple had been in dire straits and were already contemplating selling their home if the mortgage payments become unmanageable. Fortunately for them the woman dreamed she had won  the lottery. This prompted the couple to bet the last $11 they had on the lottery. They were later declared division one winners and will receive a prize of a million dollars.

As soon as the woman realized they had won the jackpot, another problem crept in her mind: would her husband suffer a heart attack if he was told? But then the husband initially doubted the win and basically told her not to be stupid. But as realization set in they knew it was where their mortgage payments will come from.

 They bought the winning ticket from the  St Clair Pharmacy and News in Port Kennedy.


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