Aussie Wins $1 Million Prize From Ticket Bought Online

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Australian Lottoland winner

Distance did not prevent an Aussie grandma from winning a million dollar U.S. lottery prize. The Melbourne woman used the online site Lottoland (see our review here).

The winner purchased a Megamillions ticket for the $245 million July 4th draw. While she missed the first division prize by failing to select the number 15 for the MegaBall, she matched all the other numbers drawn. That’s good enough for a US$1.3 million prize. It is the biggest prize ever won by an Australian from the international bookmaker. The ecstatic winner said:

I’m numb. It’s happening? It’s happening to me?

Newsagents have long been critical of the online betting site Lottoland, but it does seem to be a case of sour grapes as more and more people flock to playing online with Lottoland instead.

This latest Australian Lottoland winner has only been using the site since January. She said she regularly played both the Australian and overseas lottery games there, and had already won a few small prizes with them. She is now excitedly planning a trip to her home country of Romania. But her other dream of buying a home may be a bit harder as the median price of homes in Melbourne is $1.5 million. She may just need a second win for that.


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