Bad Weather Leads Man To Huge Jackpot

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Bad weather lead a retired Sullivan County school principal to a huge lottery jackpot.  To be accurate as possible, bad weather and his good wife Carol, lead Harold Diamond to the largest lottery jackpot ever won in New York.

He and his wife had just completed voting in Nov. 04, 2014 and planned to go out for dinner, but bad weather forced his wife to insist they stop at a Valero gas station and have a meal there instead.   While there, Valero bought a Megamillions ticket and promptly forgot about it.  Golf buddies talking about a huge jackpot won by a ticket bought in Valero caused him to check his ticket; it was then he discovered he was $326 million richer.

Just before Christmas Diamond went to the lottery offices and chose a one time payment option which gives him $197.45 million net of taxes.  At eighty, you cannot fault him for not wanting to wait years to get full payment!


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