Barrow Fishermen Land £1 Million Jackpot

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A group of four fishing buddies have just landed their biggest catch yet when they were declared winners of a £1 million jackpot from the EuroMillions lottery.

The betting syndicate composed of Robert McAloone,  Andrew Bell, Michael McGarry, and Will Middlehurst, are ecstatic over their stroke of good fortune.  They are especially thankful that Robert, who had forgotten to buy a ticket, made a last minute effort to place a bet by asking his nephew to make the purchase.

And it was Robert, the leader of the syndicate of friends, who discovered they had won big when a post office worker advised him that the payout will have to be at the lottery headquarters.  The group, who have been friends for twenty years, have won before but not in this scale.

Their win followed that of Kendal supermarket worker Gail Colledge, 53, of Carnforth, who won £1 million a week earlier.


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