Best Friends Share £15 Million Lottery Win

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Two friends share £15M lotto win.

Lorraine Smith and her friend Paula Barraclough played the lottery and set aside £25 wins toward a holiday fund. But when fortune decided to smile on a ticket Smith bought on the last £2 on her wallet, she knew she had to share that with Barraclough as well.

Smith was waiting for a bus when she found the money in her purse, which she used to purchase a lucky dip. And lucky it turned out to be. When she checked the results the next morning, she was astounded to find all six matched the ones on her ticket. She had won £15,342,900! When she phoned her friend, she was greeted with “You better be phoning me to say we won the lottery!” And she was!

Neither of them were well off before the win and Smith even had to scrounge for the money to buy dinner the night of the draw.  But now the two friends plan to take trips to Greece and to Las Vegas. They also say they plan on doing some wild shopping.


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