How Does A Man React To A Lottery Win? Watch This! [video]

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How does one react to news of a big lottery win? With a bit of shock for sure. Watch this to see how one HGV driver learned of his good fortune

When Jim Forbes asked the lotto outlet clerk to check his Euromillions ticket, he was advised to call Camelot. And when he was told by the guy at the other end that he had won £665, 838.70, all he could do was cry and laugh at the same time. Truth is, he had a hard time believing his luck. He had not won anything big before and was really surprised.

When he got over the shock, the lucky man started planning. They would take a trip to New York because his wife wanted to visit the place during Christmas time. They will also visit Hawaii as that’s been his dream for a long time – he’s a fan of the TV program Hawaii Five-O.

They also plan to have a home, their first, since they never had a chance to live in one place when he was still in the military.

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