Big Apple Gets The Big Bucks

April 18th, 2011   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Friday nights Mega Millions was won again, with the jackpot going to a ticket bought in New York.

All 5 numbers plus the Mega number were matched. And the jackpot was a perfectly respectable $72 Million. If the winner opts for the lump sum, they will collect $44.7 Million in cash.

The winning numbers 22, 23, 33, 39, 48 and the Mega Number was 29.

In addition to the big winner, who has yet to come forward and be identified, there were also seven tickets matching the 5 main numbers. Each will claim $250,000. Two of those winners were from California, two more in New Jersey and one each in Delaware, Illinois and Maine.

A further 23 people console themselves by collecting $10,000 for hitting a ‘Match 4 + Mega’ prize.

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