Big El Gordo Lottery Win Goes To Town Of Grañén

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It’s been a typically insane ending to the ‘crazy as usual’ business of the Spanish El Gordo lottery draw.

El Gordo 2011 did not disappoint, with the Spanish queueing around street corners right up to the very last minute to buy their tickets.

Reports of security guards drafted in for crowd control to beat back daring queue jumpers just added to the crazy fun of it all.

But the big winners turned out to be a small town in the North East of Spain called Grañén. The town collectively held all of the main numbered prize winning tickets together worth an incredible €720 Million.

The main El Gordo winning numbers for 2011 were 58268.

Grañén looks like being transformed forever by the win. This farming community only has a mere 2,100 residents with  many claiming prizes of €400,000 each and more.

When the dust settles and all prizes have been paid, Spain will have paid out an incredible €2.5 Billion. Proving that despite the economic problems throughout Europe this year, that there is no lack of enthusiasm for Spain’s most popular lottery draw of the year.

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