Big NC Family Share Big Win

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A big family composed of immigrants from Vietnam and Laos was having a barbecue when they decided to pool their money to buy a lottery ticket for that night’s Cash 5 lottery draw. That decision has brought wide smiles on the faces of 17 brothers, sisters and cousins.

The ticket that the family bought at the Cubbard Express on U.S. 321 in Hickory, won the grand prize of $1.7 million. Now 17 members of the family are going to have a share of that big pie. The shares are not the same though, with the highest being for $248,343 and the lowest at $23,655 all figures net of all taxes. How they came to the decide on the distribution is anybody’s guess.

But the family, who live in Hickory, have different plans for their share of the money. One wants to use his share to be able to study without having to work at the same time. Many have expressed the desire to settle debts and to buy  cars. Some have opted to travel, with one saying he wants to visit relatives in the old country.


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