Broke Lottery Winner Jailed For Violating Probation

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Winning the lottery never automatically makes everything in life suddenly go smoothly.

Alissia Rivenburgh, 34, hit the jackpot 5 years ago with a $1 Million dollar lottery win. But was jailed yesterday for breaking the terms of her probation.

Back in 2010 she was convicted on charges relating to cocaine. Assistant DA Keith Muse said Alissia had failed to meet her obligation to attend a treatment program, and had therefore breached the terms of her probation.

Appearing before Judge Andrew Ceresia yesterday, she was sent to Rensselaer County jail awaiting a court appearance scheduled for 24th August.

Alissia and husband William won $1 Million on a scratch off ticket on 14th November 2006. When they pleaded guilty to  drug charges in January 2010, the money was already spent and the couple were broke.

There’s never a better time to get your life straightened out, than just before you win the lottery millions.

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