Clerk Charged With Stealing Winning Scratch-Off Tickets

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Amanda Lawing, 26, used to be a store clerk at The Kangaroo Express in Denver.

But not any more, as she was charged with ‘felony larceny’ for allegedly stealing lottery tickets from her place of work.

A loss-prevention officer who spoke to a deputy sheriff stated that Lawing had been scratching just the serial number part of the ticket. And then using the lottery terminal scanner to check if the ticket was a winner. Only the serial number needs to be scanned to determine if a scratch card is a winning ticket.

The losing tickets were sold to customers, whilst she kept the winning tickets. A surveillance video confirmed the story appeared to be true as Lawing could be seen scanning the tickets.

The stolen tickets only had a value of $300.

When buying scratch off tickets, always make sure they are visibly taken from a roll of tickets – never accept loose tickets. And whilst still in front of the store clerk make sure no portion of the tickets have been scratched.

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