£1M Lottery Winner: But My Wife Always Wanted A New Kitchen Sink

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Some lottery winners go crazy, and you just know their money won’t last.

While others are a little more reserved, and you can see their big win securing them for life.

John Baxter probably falls into that second category of winner.

Having picked up a £1 Million prize in the UK’s EuroMillions Raffle – he promptly splashed out on a new pair of slipper from Tesco. Grand total spend of £10.

But wife Carol,64, is about to become a lucky lady indeed when John buys her that stainless steel kitchen sink she has always wanted.

The couple have no plans to move home, they like it there, and will still enjoy the same holidays to Great Yarmouth that they’ve enjoyed every year.

Once the shock of the all that money wears off however, John and Carol do have 9 grandchildren they enjoy spoiling instead.

Read more in http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2262881/Ill-buy-AND-kitchen-sink-Lottery-winner-scooped-1m-prize-reveals-gift-wife-win.html

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