Can You Still Play Syndicate Leavers Numbers?

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If you’re running our own lottery syndicate, and one of the members leaves, can the group still continue to play their numbers?

This is potentially tricky, but it all comes down to what is in your lottery syndicate agreement. And you can actually make the rules pretty much whatever you want so long as everyone agrees them.

What you don’t want happening is someone turning up at jackpot sharing time claiming they are still part of the syndicate, just because you are playing ‘their’ numbers.

Some people create a syndicate agreement that names all the members. But it can be a pain to maintain this.

Others get leavers to sign a form to say they are no longer a member. Just something to say no further monies are due, and they are no longer entitled to any winnings after a specific date.

At the very least most people state in their agreements that only paid up syndicate members are entitled to any winnings.

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