Canadian Man Wins $1 Million – Again!

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There are lucky lottery players, and then there are some Lady Luck visits more than once. Julius Parent is one such man.

Parent made waves after winning a million dollar lottery jackpot for the second time in nine years. He won a million dollars playing the 6/49 lottery almost a decade ago. Now he’s back in the winner’s circle with a more hefty sum of $1,222,069. This time the win is courtesy of the Crown of Egypt Lottery which he plays online. Seems like Lady Luck still gave him a million dollar prize – adjusted for inflation!

He says that playing the lottery is something he enjoys as much as walking, hunting, and fishing. As such, even after this win, he plans to keep playing. And even though the chances are still slim, statistically he has as much chance to win again as anyone else.

He says he will have his current house demolished and build a new one. He is also considering a trip to Las Vegas.


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