Care Worker Wins £1 Million

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Many people remember take more chances when faced with dire financial straits.  Care worker Jackie Murphy decided to take a chance on a Millionaire 777s scratch card on her way home from work, when she was down to her last £20.  And it paid off handsomely.

When Murphy scratch the card, she discovered it was a winner; payout was £1 million.  She immediately went back to the store to have the ticket verified.  People at the store helped make a call to the lottery offices, but in the excitement part of the ticket was torn.  Murphy hade to read the bar code to the guys at the lottery.

Murphy is set to wed John Potter in a month, and consider the win the best wedding present.  They have both decided to be careful with their new wealth.  They will remain where they now live, but Murphy has already bought a new car.


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