Shopping For Sweets Leads To £1 Million Win

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Lotto Winner Was Only Looking For Sweets

All Tammie Pickett wanted from the store were some sweets to give to her daughter who was ill.  But while she was there she was drawn to Monopoly Millionaire scratch cards, so she bought two of them.  That made all the difference.

She was already outside the store when she saw the symbol for the million pound win on one of her tickets.  That made her rush back to the store to get the win confirmed.  In her excitement, she found it hard to speak coherently, but managed to get it across that she wanted her ticket checked.  When the clerk at the store verified her winning ticket, she promptly shed happy tears.

The winner later claimed the ceremonial check with her husband Ian.  She’s rather coy about her plans for the fortune, merely saying that they will all benefit from the win and she’s keeping her feet on the ground.  She looks like a winner who’s not about to squander her windfall.


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