Carnival Workers To Retire After $7M Lotto Win [video]

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Have you ever watched a pair of hardworking people whose lives have been changed by a lottery win get interviewed? Well, here’s your chance!

A pair of carnival workers have just posted a $7 million win in Canada’s 6/49 lottery. As they get interviewed, it is clear that the man is fighting to contain his emotions.

Richard Bourgeois and Michelle Wishard have been living on a trailer before the win. They say that they have been playing the lottery only about 7 years and that the lucky ticket was a quick pick.

Richard was the one answering the questions and he seems to have definite plans about how they will spend the money. First they will ditch the trailer and buy a real home at someplace rural where land is cheap. They have also said they will help their respective families.

The couple are very prudent and say they will consult with a financial adviser so they can safely invest the bulk of their win and live comfortably off the interest. There’s also talk of a new truck and vacations.

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