Couple Plan To Keep Working Despite $21 Million Win

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A hundred dollars was the most a couple from Waterford had ever won from the lottery. But when news came out that someone from their area won half of the $42 million jackpot, Stephanie Blake became so excited she woke up her husband Kevin. He had bought a ticket for the Oct. 13th draw.

She was just excited about someone in their area winning that they were stunned when they realized they were the winners. The numbers Kevin cobbled from their birthdays and their daughter’s birthdays won!

They spent a sleepless night after which they went right back to work. And they kept silent about their lottery success, fearing they’s sound crazy. It also gave them time to calm down and think.

When they went to the lottery offices to make their claim, they chose a cash option that pays a single lump sum amount of $13 million before taxes of $9 million net of taxes.

For now they have no clear plans for the money. What they know is that both want to keep on working. Retirement may also come a lot and will be very comfortable.


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