Man Goes On Vacation With $80m In Wallet

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Dick Zelasko bought an easy pick ticket for the July 5 draw of  the Mega Millions from John’s Market on East Square Lake Road in Troy, and checked it a few days later. As he had never won anything more than $20 before, Dick missed the significance of the message on the ticket scanner asking him to contact lottery officials.

So off Dick went on a vacation and a few golf trips, completely unaware that he had a ticket worth $80 million in his wallet.  The windfall must really be meant for him because no robbers got hold of his wallet, nor did he lose it.

He was shocked when he finally decided to check the results online, and discovered he was suddenly a millionaire many times over.  John is now considering  buying a new house, a car and helping his  family.

John’s Market  will receive a $50,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

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