Couple To Take Trips After $1 Million 6/49 Lottery Win

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When couple Imogene Blake and Anthony Baptiste bought a lottery ticket from Wilson Variety on Wilson Avenue in North York, little did they know it will change their lives profoundly. The couple won the million dollar guaranteed prize of the November 4th draw of OLG’s Lotto 6/49.

On her way to work as a nurse, Blake passed by a store and used the self checker to see if she’d won anything. When the screen flashed “big winner,” she put the ticket away and went to work. It was on her break when she thought of using the OLG App on her phone to learn how much she had won, and was stunned.

According to her, the best thing about winning a large amount of money is financial independence. They won’t have to worry about mortgages and car payments. Now that they’re loaded, the couple plans to take vacation trips coast to coast.


“Winning the lottery means financial freedom – no more mortgage, no more car payments and more independence to do what we want, when we want,” concluded Imogene.

The winning ticket was purchased at Wilson Variety on Wilson Avenue in North York.


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