Couple Wait Almost Two Months Before Claiming $30 Million Jackpot

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Darryl and Judith Smith’s bought a Mega Millions ticket at Vineland Truck Stop in New Jersey way back in May.  They chose the number combination 2, 20, 26, 44 and 46, and a Mega Ball number of 26, which went on to win a $30 million jackpot.

The couple finally got around to claiming their huge prize at the New Jersey Lottery headquarters just this July 25. Why they chose to wait such a long time to claim their prize is something only they know.

Husband and wife later released a statement thanking the lottery for the win, and asking all to respect their privacy.  Maybe that is the reason they chose to claim their prize so late, they may have been preparing themselves for the curiosity and fame that comes with such a big win.


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