Did Woman Predict Her Lotto Win?

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There are always stories people deciding to retire right after winning big lottery jackpots – it’s just something most people do. But in the case of a woman from Denver, she quit her job a few days before winning the lottery!

Was Yahnique S. clairvoyant? Far from it. She says she was just burned out from her job as a certified nursing assistant that she just up and quit. She admits that she did not even have anything else lined up when she left. However, she has been playing the lottery for the last three decades or so. She bought a quick pick as usual from the King Soopers at 1155 South Havana in Aurora, and that changed her life quite drastically. Now she does not even have to work anymore.

She got on the computer to look at the results after the draw. When she saw the winning numbers matched all those printed on her ticket, she asked her husband to check. Her husband firt thought that she was playing a prank on him, but then realized she cannot fake the lottery website.

Now the happy couple, who have three sons, plan to pay off bills and get some home improvements done.

Read more in http://www.9news.com/money/lotto-winner-quit-job-days-before-winning-jackpot/397035909

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