Driver Is Second $324 Million Winner

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Speculation had been rife when only one winner came forward to claim half of a $628 million Megamillions jackpot as a result of the Dec.17, 2013 draw.  All that was certain then was that the other winning ticket which remained unclaimed had been sold in San Jose, California.  People in San Jose thought it might be one of them.

Actually, the other winner is Steve Tran, a delivery driver who frequently visits San Jose because of the large Vietnamese community there.  And the only reason he has not come forward is because he did not know it was one of five lucky pick tickets he bought in San Jose that won.

Though Tran declined to participate in a news conference he reveals that he buys lottery tickets all along his delivery route, and the day he found out he had hit it big, he called his boss to resign.  Tran has chosen to receive his winnings in a single payment of $173.8 million, and expects to net $130.3 million after  taxes.

The other big winner in all this is Jenny’s Gift & Kids Wear.  The store received a $1 million bonus for selling the winning ticket and is now experiencing a 30% increase in lottery ticket sales.


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