€5 Million Winner Still Works At Bookie Shop A Year On

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People never cease to wonder why Carol Loran continues to work at a local bookie shop a year after splitting 10.5 million euro win with a former boyfriend.  Most people would have retired on such income and many believe  she is crazy to continue working, when interest on her winnings alone is more than sufficient to live on.

Loran, however, is insistent that she loves her work and still looks forward to putting in 30 hours each week.  The punters believe she is lucky for them, and people don’t treat her any different than they did before her win.  The same is true of  her five children.

All she had ever taken from the winnings was money to take their family on a trip to the Canary Islands and to buy a new Volvo S60 for herself.  She still lives in the same house she raised her children in, but now buys instead lunch at work.

This is one lady sure to make her winnings last past her lifetime.

Read more in http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/people-think-im-crazy-to-keep-bookies-job-after-lottery-windfall-reveals-carol-30428699.html

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