Error May Have Caused 4 Players To Discard Winning Tickets

November 13th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

When Camelot relaunched the lottery last month, they pledged to make 25 players millionaires.  Unfortunately, however, a human error caused the wrong Millionaire Raffle codes to be shown in their websites during the first 40 minutes after the draw.

Officials now fear four of the winners may have torn up their tickets as a consequence of the error; only one million pound claim has been made so far leaving four more unaccounted for.  Camelot says prizes from lost tickets may be claimed within thirty days.

The five Millionaire Raffle codes in the October 10 draw are:  BLUE 2873 7030; GREY 1239 0029; LIME 4363 5202; RUBY 1896 8032; and RUBY 4778 2862


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