Ex’s Numbers Give Woman £51,000 Win

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A woman posted a £51,000 lottery win.  There seems to be nothing unusual about that, except she won using her ex-partner’s numbers.  Lisa Fergie, kept on using her ex’s numbers even after they split and her patience was rewarded after about 12 years.  The combination matched 5 numbers and a bonus ball.

As far as she knows, her ex did not win, but he sent a congratulatory message through a mutual friend.  Apparently, the man had not faithfully maintained his own number combination.

Fergie and her fiancee plan to use the money to purchase a home and to go on a trip to Australia.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2015/08/09/woman-wins-51000-on-the-lottery-using-her-exs-numbers-5334465/#ixzz3iTwwSCAG
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